Special Needs Planning


Ensure that family members with special needs will be taken care of.

Nobody likes to think about what will happen to our loved ones when we pass. We all hope that we have done a good job in our Estate Planning and have provided for our loved ones after we are gone. But perhaps the most difficult area to plan for is someone with Special Needs. If you have a parent or child or sibling that requires special attention you know that fulfilling those needs can be costly and time consuming. So what happens to that loved one when you pass? Are his or her needs going to be met? Is someone going to be there to provide the care and support that person needs? Is someone going to continue to take them to the park on a Saturday to help them stay in a routine? Will someone prepare his or her favorite meal for them? All of these questions and more can be addressed through detailed Special Needs Planning.

There are a variety of ways that we at the Harlow Law Firm can help you and your loved ones prepare for the future and ensure that your specials needs person continues to enjoy the same quality of life that person had when you were alive. We can help you develop a Personal Care Plan, a Special Needs Trust, and many other legal instruments to ensure your desires are met.

At the Harlow Law Firm, we can help you with everything from determining where your loved one will reside upon your passing, to how to ensure your loved one continues to receive his or her supplemental security income when they receive the proceeds from a life insurance policy or law suit settlement. Please contact us for a personalized consultation to help determine if you have a well-rounded, secure Special Needs Plan in place.