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Estate Planning

Most people think of Estate Planning as preparing a will, a power of attorney, or maybe an advanced health care directive.

While these are all important parts of Estate Planning, they serve only as a basic foundation of Estate Planning.

We handle the full range of estate planning concerns »

Elder Law/Medicaid Planning

Many of these Americans are concerned with two fundamental threats to their dignity: becoming incapacitated, and thereby losing control to the court system over their personal, health care and financial decisions; and running out of money due to the catastrophic costs of long-term care.

Fortunately, these threats may be minimized, or even avoided, through properly coordinated legal and financial planning »

Special Needs Planning

There are a variety of ways that we at the Harlow Law Firm can help you and your loved ones prepare for the future and ensure that your specials needs person continues to enjoy the same quality of life that person had when you were alive. We can help you develop a Personal Care Plan, a Special Needs Trust, and many other legal instruments to ensure your desires are met.

Ensure that family members with special needs will be taken care of »


Probate is the process of giving your “stuff” to your heirs when you die. You might think, “Hey, I have a will! My loved ones won’t have to go through the probate process!” Unfortunately that is a very common misconception. The next misconception that is common is “I don’t own my house or have any property other than my car and some small things in the house so I don’t need a will and my stuff won’t have to go through probate.” Again, this is wrong because when a person dies without a will, the courts will direct how that person’s property is to be distributed. While the court tries to be as fair as possible, it has no way of knowing the particular dynamics of a family and may distribute things in a way that seems unfair to some family members.

Our intention at the Harlow Law Firm is to avoid the Probate process if at all possible and most circumstances we can structure your Estate Plan to avoid the Probate process. However, if you find that you do need to open a Probate estate, we are here to help »